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Adult Voyeur Launches New Gold Rush of Australian Fantasies

Australia Adult Voyeur means new Aussie Porn girls Melbourne, Australia – Lovers of the Land Down Under have a new destination to experience the beauty and heat of Australian sex in its natural habitat, at [].

Combining the beauty and diversity of Australian women and Australian locations, new adult video site, Adult Voyeur launches, fusing high quality production values with the no holds barred, sexual heat of full strength gonzo.

After two years in website development to get the mix just right, Bourke Wills, the creative force behind Adult Voyeur is ready to unleash his personal vision of ‘Australian porn’ on the web.

Wills says, “I have always been dissatisfied with the fakeness of most porn. I wanted to see something that conveyed realism, but was also beautiful. I set about putting together a group of people that shared my tastes and it has all come together. Adult Voyeur is where I and my production crew can express what we feel adult entertainment can be and should be. From the stills photographer to the editor, each member of the crew brings an aesthetic eye to each production. The quality is high. Attractive performers have hot sex. What my crew and I are producing is something overtly sensual, yet very real.”

Raw, sensual video is the hallmark of Adult Voyeur. Every scene is filled with a naturalness enhanced by the free, open nature of the Aussies that Wills and his crew capture. Yet, there is a glow to each scene that transcends the hardcore action into an artful experience for the viewer. Wills and his crew project their own spirit into every aspect of the site, from the varied vistas of Australia, to the girls that they choose to shoot, the feeling viewers receive from Adult Voyeur is as unique as Australia itself.

Wills explains, “When I left University I took off and saw the world. My travel left me with a huge sense of pride in the beauty of my country and first hand experience of the fascination the rest of the world has with Australia and her people. There is this romantic notion of Australians being these beautiful, sun kissed, big hearted, fun loving people. This is largely true, and it is what I am sharing with the rest of the world.”

Now, there is no need to journey across the globe to visit this land of visual delights. Enter the new reality of Australian porn at

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