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The Press Wire offers an affordable media contact solution for the adult entertainment industry.

Press Release Distribution through The Press Wire costs$150 per press release.
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TPW News Desk Hours

The Press Wire News Desk is open from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM (PST) Sunday through Thursday, except holidays and for scheduled maintenance of the site, as outlined below.

All press releases submitted to The Press Wire for distribution service between PST of 12:01 AM on Friday and 8:59 AM on Sunday, all US holidays and during closures for maintenance, will be held for release until regular business hours resume.

The Press Wire is closed on all US holidays and any planned closures will be posted on Additionally, the TPW News Desk will close at 2:00 PM PST, the day before all US holidays and is closed all day on any Sunday before a Monday holiday.

The hours TPW maintains, best suit the optimum times to send out press releases to the adult media, from our Editors’ experience.

Professional Publicists

While The Press Wire streamlines the distribution process for press releases, it does not completely replace the need for a professional to handle your publicity. Links to Publicity Professionals are below.

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A Sample Press Prelease

The Press Wire suggests using the following formatting for all press releases

This is a simple, easy to read, standard text format press release that is accepted by all media professionals and it is also simple to create a template from, for all of your future press releases.

An easy to read, downloadable PDF version is available HERE.

Breaking Down a Press Release: Step by Step

First, you will need to let the media know when your news is applicable, and that is handled by the release Dateline notice, formatted as:

For Immediate Release: [Insert the dateline of your news here. You can also use forms such as “For Release Before” and “For Release By” for your Dateline.]

Now you will need to let the media know who to contact for more information concerning your news, so add this line:

Contact: [Insert the name and the direct phone number or email of who is handling press inquiries concerning this press release here.]

Now we can start building the press release. . .  We need a headline, so let’s use:

Easy Press Release Solutions Begin with The Press Wire

Please notice that this headline uses proper grammatical form, no “shouting” or exclamation points, and what should be capitalized is capitalized. The words and, with and the, should not be capitalized, unless they are part of a legal or business name. This headline also fits on one line, and tells you about who the company is, and what the company does.

While you do not always need to use one, sometimes it helps to provide a “Subhead” to your press release to clarify the meaning of the title and give a synopsis of the story that is included in the body of the press release. Let’s use one for this sample:

The Press Wire offers the ease of mainstream-style news distribution to the adult industry

This Subhead expands on what the company does, and what information the following story will contain.

Now, let’s start on the body of the press release. The first thing we will need is another version of the “Dateline:” and the “Lead Paragraph”.

This version of the “Dateline” includes geographic information that lets the press and the public know where the news is generating from, or if the news is specific to a certain geographic area:

Los Angeles, California

While you can have fun with this part of the “Dateline”, it is many times best to play it straight and use the real information. However, if this is a press release concerning a specialty release or a humorous announcement, it is alright to use something  like “Area 51, Nevada, USA”, or “Porn Valley, CA.”

When you send out press releases, it helps to remember that you are dealing with a visual medium, not just a textual medium. Because of this, we strongly suggest that you include artwork (pictures) with all of your press releases. This can be a company logo, a picture of someone from your company, or a picture of a performer. It can also be a picture of a novelty product or a box cover, if you are releasing a DVD. If you are inserting artwork into your press release, besides sending it along as an attachment to your email, we suggest writing your press releases in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word. By using these programs, you can create an inline art area within your press release, that looks very professional. However, if you are using The Press Wire for distribution, we do this for you

Back to discussing the location section of your “Dateline” section. This second “Dateline” does not stand alone in your press release. It is always combined with the “Lead Paragraph:, so it will read like this:

Los Angeles, California – The Press Wire [] launches today, offering an easy press release submission service for professional publicists, performers and entrepreneurs to reach the adult news media.

If you read over the “Writing Tips” page of The Press Wire site, you will see that our “Lead Paragraph” gives the editors that decide to use our press release for publication at least three of the necessary “W’s” that are essential for a news release to answer. We have answered three of the journalistic tests to see if a story is actually newsworthy; “Who” (The Press Wire), “When” (launched today) and “What” (an easy press release submission solution).

This type of “Lead Paragraph” also gives the editor an idea of what the lead of their story should focus on. Remember this, and you will make friends with many people in the press. Forget this, and you will leave editors wondering about your level of professionalism.

Guess what? The hard part is done! Now we just need to give our press more information to back up what we have already said in our news copy. Let’s move to the second paragraph:

Based on the popular news wire services that have been used by mainstream publicity professionals and business owners for years, The Press Wire allows individuals and companies to submit their press releases to hundreds of adult media sources by simply filling out a submission form with the details included in their press release.  This service replaces the need to submit individual emails to the hundreds of editors across the adult news media, as has been the system generally used in the past.

Technically we are almost finished with our press release at this point. We have answered the remaining questions posed in the “5 W’s and an H” of journalistic format and how most editors rate the newsworthiness of what we are submitting.  The second paragraph covers, “Why” this is news, and “Why” The Press Wire exists at all, we answered “Where”, as the service is online only, and it also answers the “How”, by saying that The Press Wire includes a form to be filled out, and the information will then be submitted to the appropriate publications.

However, we still want to wrap up this story with some more supporting information, and make it more interesting. We will do that with “Quotes” and more details:

The Press Wire functions as a news submission service for business owners and others that do not have an established contact list for reaching the adult media with their news, or for publicity professionals and performers that would like the option of cutting down the time they spend on sending out press releases individually, to each editor. In both cases, The Press Wire allows users to focus much more of their time on quality publicity goals, such as arranging interviews, events, appearances and the thousands of other details that go into generating great publicity for a company or performer.

The Press Wire offers individual submission of users’ press releases directly to the editors of adult industry news outlets and publications, and does not depend on the media or consumers to sign up to receive the news feed of their system.  However, a news feed is available with breaking news on The Press Wire’s website, and through the popular social media platform of Twitter.

Adult Industry Financial Analyst, Tom Johansmeyer responded to the pending launch announcement, saying, “It’s about time! This is the standard system of delivering press releases in the mainstream. I have no idea why no one has offered this service to adult professionals in the past. While there are a couple of news caster systems already online for the adult industry, many of them rely exclusively on people signing up for their feeds, and this service seems to be more personalized from what I have heard. For a busy professional, not having to spend a few hours emailing press releases to editors individually, will allow them to spend more time increasing awareness of their products and events in other ways.”

Additionally, The Press Wire offers a press release writing service for those that do not have experience with writing professional press releases. This service was specifically created for business owners that have been forced to eschew professional publicity services, due to the declining profits in the recent economic downturn that has hit all industries world wide, including the adult industry.

Okay, we are now done with the “Body” of our news release. (Thought we’d never get there, didn’t you?) We just need to wrap up some formatting details to make this ready to send out through The Press Wire, and for the editors out there to bring us to print!

We need to add additional information (termed “meta information”) concerning The Press Wire, which is included for the editors’ eyes only. To do this, we will use this format:

For media information concerning The Press Wire, and the services it provides, please contact The Press Wire, by email to

Sometimes you will have more than one line of “meta” information, so just place those lines in italics as well. For an event, you will want to provide information for the press to sign up for special media passes, and other information that they need to know, and that would also go in this area.

Let’s sign this thing off with the all important sign that your story is now finished and let our editor’s get back to their deadlines, shall we? To give the press the signal that you are finished, use this traditional copy writing convention:


If you still don’t think that you have included enough information for the press to consider your press release newsworthy, let’s add the optional “Boilerplate” copy, in its required form. Boilerplate information is a synopsis of what the company does and is included only to help writers fill in additional information that may not be contained in the press release, however for this sample we will use it:

About The Press Wire:

The Press Wire offers a simple and effective solution for publicity professionals, performers and business owners who want to reach hundreds of adult news outlets. The Press Wire, also offers a press release writing service, so those that have never written press releases before can produce and distribute professional quality stories about their company or events to the many adult news outlets that exist.

You have now seen a finished press release, with a supporting quote, a good lead to get editors’ interest, and we pulled it in at 570 words, including the addition of the “boilerplate.” which is never usually counted as part of the actual press release!


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