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The Press Wire offers an affordable media contact solution for the adult entertainment industry.

Press Release Distribution through The Press Wire costs$150 per press release.
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TPW News Desk Hours

The Press Wire News Desk is open from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM (PST) Sunday through Thursday, except holidays and for scheduled maintenance of the site, as outlined below.

All press releases submitted to The Press Wire for distribution service between PST of 12:01 AM on Friday and 8:59 AM on Sunday, all US holidays and during closures for maintenance, will be held for release until regular business hours resume.

The Press Wire is closed on all US holidays and any planned closures will be posted on Additionally, the TPW News Desk will close at 2:00 PM PST, the day before all US holidays and is closed all day on any Sunday before a Monday holiday.

The hours TPW maintains, best suit the optimum times to send out press releases to the adult media, from our Editors’ experience.

Professional Publicists

While The Press Wire streamlines the distribution process for press releases, it does not completely replace the need for a professional to handle your publicity. Links to Publicity Professionals are below.

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The Press Wire Frequently Asked Questions Directory

Most of the common questions asked about press releases and The Press Wire’s services are included below. If you have not found an answer to your question, please use our contact form, or check the main topic page that is relevant to your question.

Please Note: TPW will not distribute press releases concerning adult personal ads, escorting or any potentially illegal activity, or containing information on the sale of potentially illegal products or services.

What is a press release? Is it different from a news release?

A press release is written communication directed at the general media, trade and industry specific reporters, industry insiders and consumers to announce a product, partnership, acquisition, event, appearance, personnel announcement, or other newsworthy item.

Editors, reporters, and others inside the industry depend on news releases to alert them to unique products, events, trends and changes in the industry landscape. If an editor, journalist or analyst finds the announcement of particular value to their readers, they may contact your company directly for more details or an interview. This may result in your company being mentioned in an article or possibly in a feature story in an adult oriented publication. Even if your news release does not result in a published story, it can still generate significant industry and consumer interest through being posted on an online news site in its original form.

The terms “news release” and “press release” are interchangeable, however the term press release is better known, and that’s why we use it most often on our site. The term “news release” recently became popular, because many news outlets now post press releases with little or no editing, and what you are sending out in your press release will often run on a news site exactly as you sent it out. This is why formatting and proper grammar, spelling accuracy and including all of the information readers need, while making the story entertaining, is imperative when you issue a press release.

Thinking about creating your own press release? Click here to download The Press Wire’s Sample Press Release diagram (PDF).

What are the benefits of distributing a press release?

You have the ability to reach editors and consumers both online and in publication with information on your company, products and events. You also have the enhanced credibility of having your news intermingled with the news of large corporations and top industry performers. Consumers give more confidence to information that is carried by a news source, than they do to paid advertising. This is true even if the same news source carries advertising for the same companies that they run news stories on.

By using The Press Wire to distribute your press release, you have the ability to reach adult news outlets and journalists within the US, as well as Europe, Asia, the UK and online. You can also reach bloggers and other online media outlets through The Press Wire RSS feeds, social tools and directly through our contact database. This may help to increase traffic to your website, improve your search engine ranking through “link backs” and it may increase your potential for viral marketing efforts. New adult blogs and web sites are launching every day, and The Press Wire staff adds these new contacts to our database as they come to our attention.

When should I issue a press release?

Any time that your company has news, you have the ability to issue a press release about that news. Here are some examples;

  • You are starting a new business.
  • You are introducing a new product, or have expanded your product line.
  • You have hired new personnel or an agency to handle an aspect of your business (i.e. you hired a publicity firm, law firm or talent agency.)
  • You have entered a partnership or joint venture, or you have restructured your company, adding a subsidiary or a new division.
  • You are planning an event, such as a party, philanthropic benefit, awards ceremony, or are participating in a convention or trade show.
  • You are performing, having a signing at a retail establishment or plan to attend a special event that is newsworthy in the adult industry.
  • You have changed your company logo or introduced new packaging for your product(s).
  • You have launched a new web site or are offering an affiliate program.
  • You have received an award or honor that is noteworthy within your industry.
  • You have a new DVD release, or are adding a line to your production catalog.
  • Your company has reached a benchmark or milestone, such as an anniversary or sales goal.

Anything that is new or interesting about your company is worthy of a press release, so journalists, industry insiders and consumers know what your company is about, what products you offer or where they can see you perform or purchase your product.

Why do I need The Press Wire to send out my press release?

Through our extensive contact database The Press Wire ensures that your information is cost effectively and efficiently delivered to the adult news media directly. It is our intent to provide both Business Owners and Publicity Professionals with the ability to use our contact database to reach the media. The Press Wire is the first professional news distribution service for the adult industry, and we base our distribution style and formatting on precisely the way that our media contacts prefer to receive your message through a press release.

You’ll also receive maximum visibility online and through mobile media due to The Press Wire’s use of Word Press™ and Twitter benefits, such as search engine optimization and social media tools, placing your news where it can be seen, shared and talked about online and on mobile media. This is an extremely powerful toolkit for businesses, organizations and performers, because it has the potential to get your release in front of 100,000 readers, including potential customers.

Can The Press Wire help my online visibility?

Yes. News releases distributed by The Press Wire are presented to dozens of adult oriented online news sites and to multiple news wires. Additionally, your press release is coded with keyword tags and social bookmarking tools within The Press Wire site. Press releases are an extremely powerful tool for adult businesses and performers, because it gets your news in front of a potential audience of 100s of thousands of people, including the eyes of consumers.

After your news release has been distributed you will receive a free report via email linking you to your actual release as it appears on a sampling of web sites. The average report will contain somewhere between 3 and 5 links, and will be emailed to you within 48 hours after your release has been distributed (inside of normal TPW News Desk Hours). This report shows just a few of the web sites that received and carried your news immediately following The Press Wire’s initial distribution. As time goes on, more industry insiders and consumers will pick up your news from the various journalists, websites, newscasts and publications to which The Press Wire submits your press release.

Does The Press Wire guarantee that the media will pick up my press release?

No. While The Press Wire does our best to get your press release directly into the hands of industry editors for news sites, publications, consumer sites and also to independent reporters, we can not guarantee that it will run on any (or every) website and publication we submit it to. Unlike advertising, where you are purchasing guaranteed coverage in a publication or site, with public relations it is up to the media to determine whether or not they will run your story. Some news carries more weight than other news, and the editors The Press Wire submits your press release to, will choose what news they believe is most interesting or important to their readers. Sometimes having great artwork will convince an editor to carry your news over other stories. However, there is no way to determine the probability of any story being carried on one or two attributes alone.

The important thing to remember is coverage, or “pick-up”, in a publication or on a news web site will typically carry more weight with your target audience than an advertisement, because it is considered unbiased third-party information. In most cases distributing a news release is also far less expensive than purchasing ad space.

Should I include photos with my press release?

The Press Wire absolutely recommends that your press release be accompanied by photographs that complement and support your press release! You are dealing with a visual medium, and the media prefers good artwork to run with your stories. This is why The Press Wire gives you the capability to include up to five photo images for free with your submission. The Press Wire News Blogs support one “G rated” piece of artwork per press release as well. TPW suggests that you include an image of your company logo, or a non-nude picture of yourself, to run with your press release. Please see “Submission Tips” for information on how to choose and format your images for your maximum benefit. The Press Wire accepts artwork files up to 500 KB per image, sized at 600px by 800px in a resolution of 72 DPI.

There are other press wires out there, why should I use The Press Wire to distribute my press releases?

The Press Wire is the first and only service of this kind for adult products, services and performers. While The Press Wire reserves the right to not distribute a press release due to concerns about accuracy, legitimacy or potential legal ramifications to the submitter, our editors will never turn down a press release for adult content or for “non-newsworthiness” like the other news wire services do. We support the industry in all of its niches and genres, and we submit every press release we receive to the most relevant news sources for that targeted audience, whether they be lifestyle, general adult consumers or business oriented adult publications.

Additionally, The Press Wire offers our services for an extraordinary value over the fees charged by other news wire systems. Even if you can convince a credible mainstream provider to run your press release, the minimum fee charged by other professional wire services to submit your news to the US media alone (no international news outlets are included in the price), begins at $680 for a maximum of 400 words, and they charge $275 per photo that is included to run with your press release. The Press Wire also does not charge a yearly membership fee, as other wire services require you to pay to use their services.

Disclaimer: TPW will not distribute press releases concerning any form of escorting, prostitution or any potentially illegal activity, or sale of potentially illegal products or services. 

Will I ever need to use a mainstream news wire service?

Only if you are releasing SEC regulated financial information about your company. The Press Wire is not designed to handle Edgar filings, (Forms 10-Q, 10-K or 8-K) and we do not submit to the financial news wires like the Wall Street Journal, Reuters and Yahoo Finance/Business.

What do The Press Wire fees cover?

The TPW Press Release Submission fee includes copy editing of your original press release to find any spelling or grammatical errors and proofing your submission for any conflicting information that your press release may contain. If the TPW Editors’ Desk has a question about any content in your original press release, TPW will contact you directly for clarification before your news is distributed.

After the initial copy editing is completed, your press release will be placed into the standard submission formatting that is required by adult media editors, and your press release will be directly submitted to targeted publications and websites among the 100+ contacts in The Press Wire database that are most likely to have an interest in your story.

After the initial distribution of your press release through The Press Wire, you will receive email confirmation that your release has been submitted through the TPW wire service, and a separate emailed sampling report of where your press release placed, usually within the first 48 hours after it was in distribution.

Does The Press Wire offer writing services?

Please contact The Press Wire for information on writing services. TPW Writing Services offers you one (1) professionally written press release per order, composed from the information you provide to the TPW Editors’ Desk, using the TPW Writing Services form that we provide.

A TPW Editor will take the information that you submit in your PDF form, and write the supporting copy that wraps around the information that you have provided.

Once the press release is composed, it will be laid into The Press Wire’s standard formatting. Your press release will then be directly submitted to targeted publications and websites that are most likely to have an interest in your story, out of the 100+ contacts in The Press Wire database.

After the initial distribution of your press release through The Press Wire, you will receive email confirmation that your release has been submitted through our wire service, and a separate emailed sampling report of where your press release placed, usually within the first 48 hours after it was in distribution.

Do I get a draft copy of the press release that TPW Writing Services Editors create?

The TPW Writing Services Editors’ Desk does not submit the press releases we draft to you for approval. This saves you valuable time in getting your news out to the media in the most efficient way possible. The TPW Writing Services Form that we provide is very comprehensive and allows the TPW Editors to gather every detail they need to craft a complete news story in the format that adult news editors require of a press release. If the TPW News Desk has any additional questions, they will contact you directly to clarify information, or add missing information to your press release, before it is copy edited, formatted and ready to submit to the media.

Can The Press Wire completely replace my Publicist?

No. While the Press Wire offers Submission Services, and even Writing Services, for press releases, it can not completely replace the need for a Professional to handle your publicity and public relations. The Press Wire and The Press Wire Editors can only make your press releases available to the adult media, reporters and news lines. A Publicity and Public Relations Professional will offer you personalized services that include everything from arranging interviews and placing feature or on-set/appearance stories on your company and you in the media, to providing the press with invitations to your events, handling the press list and even producing those events for you. Additionally, a professional will usually offer “value added” services that are beyond the scope of The Press Wire. These services may include packaging review kits, ad creation and placement, providing web site design or writing copy for your web site and packaging, and running your social site campaigns, which are all beyond The Press Wire’s service package. To Find a Publicity Professional please see the links to your left, on The Press Wire site side bar, under “Contact a Professional.”

The Press Wire declined to submit my press release to the media, will it still be included on The Press Wire RSS feed, TPW Twitter and the TPW News Blogs?

Any press release that the TPW Editors decline to submit to the media through our news wire, will also not run on any of The Press Wire News Feeds.

Please note: TPW will not distribute press releases concerning any form of escorting, prostitution or any potentially illegal activity, or sale of potentially illegal products or services. 

What are The Press Wire’s policies concerning payments and refunds?

The Press Wire accepts only credit card payment transactions, and only through the payment buttons placed on the submission form contained within The Press Wire site. This method is fast, convenient and secure, so that you have the ability to submit your news to The Press Wire any time of the day, any day of the week, even if it is outside of the hours The Press Wire staff is on active duty.

If you are ever contacted through email, by phone, or in any other way, requesting payment for any alleged TPW services, please do not give the person/entity contacting you your personal payment information or credit card number and contact The Press Wire immediately, by sending an email to, so we can notify our payment processing company and our legal staff of the situation. The only time The Press Wire will contact you concerning payment is;

If there is a problem processing your payment you will be notified through an email from Payment@ThePress,

OR if TPW Editors decline to run your press release for any of the reasons mentioned below or on our TOS & Legal page, and they are offering you a refund of your payment.

If The Press Wire Editors’ Desk is unable to process your press release submission due to payment processing errors, you will be notified that your chosen payment method has not been approved, and that your press release has not been confirmed for submission. There will be no refunds for this type of “error”, as The Press Wire never received payment for your submission.

However, if you have been notified that your payment has been approved by The Press Wire’s payment processor and your press release is not submitted due to fault on the part of The Press Wire, you will be refunded the entirety of your payment. This would be the case only if technical difficulties such as The Press Wire’s computer network faced a complete outage or The Press Wire Editors’ Desk had a legal question concerning the validity or intent of your press release, and the TPW Editors’ decide against submitting your news to the media. (See TOS & Legal for disclaimers.)

Please note: There are sometimes weather conditions and other circumstances, which may keep Internet connections (email servers, browsers, website servers and more), from working properly. This is beyond anyone’s control–including The Press Wire’s. We will do our best to distribute paid press releases submitted to us, as soon as whatever situation may result in this type of outage to be rectified.

Also, please check for messages on the phone and email you entered as your contact information. If the TPW Editors have contacted you for clarification on your press release, and you have not responded to their inquiries before the 24 hour distribution window has expired, you will not be issued a refund automatically. The Press Wire will hold your press release until we can make a truthful determination on whether or not to distribute your press release to our database of contacts. Only after that determination is made, and if we decide not to proceed with issuing your press release to our contacts, will you be reimbursed.

Additionally, submissions of any kind sent though the “Submit News” form outside of TPW’s regular News Desk Hours will not be granted a refund, even if TPW does not get your press release distributed within 24 hours of your actual submission time. By using The Press Wire service, you agree that you will abide by the standard terms of service rules of The Press Wire, which includes TPW’s hours of operation.

All press releases submitted to The Press Wire after 12:01 am on Thursday, on Saturday, during stated TPW holiday hours, or the Sunday before a Monday holiday, will be processed and placed into wire submission when regular TPW business hours resume.

TPW Writing Services PDF forms submitted between the hours of 12:01 AM on Friday and 9:00 AM on Sunday (PST), or during TPW holiday hours, will be processed after The Press Wire News Desk returns to our regular business hours schedule.

The Press Wire will not provide refunds if your press release is not picked up by the news media. The Press Wire provides no implicit or implied guarantee that your press release will be run by any adult news source, website or independent journalist, beyond The Press Wire News Page, RSS feed and Twitter broadcast. It is entirely upon the media to decide what stories are of importance and meaning to their audience, and which they will carry or not. (See TOS & Legal page.)

Any User of The Press Wire services (including both Writing Services or Submission Services) that declines payment to The Press Wire, before or after TPW services are rendered (cancellations, declines or chargebacks), will be placed on a “Do Not Accept Submissions” list and denied use of The Press Wire services in any form, in perpetuity. These types of payment refusals constitute fraud against The Press Wire for services rendered and will be legally prosecuted by The Press Wire to the full extent of the law. (See TOS & Legal)

Your credit card statement will show payment for your TPW order under the listed company name of Black and Blue Media. This is accurate, and the transaction is legitimate. Black and Blue Media is a partner and affiliate of The Press Wire.