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The Press Wire offers an affordable media contact solution for the adult entertainment industry.

Press Release Distribution through The Press Wire costs$150 per press release.
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TPW News Desk Hours

The Press Wire News Desk is open from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM (PST) Sunday through Thursday, except holidays and for scheduled maintenance of the site, as outlined below.

All press releases submitted to The Press Wire for distribution service between PST of 12:01 AM on Friday and 8:59 AM on Sunday, all US holidays and during closures for maintenance, will be held for release until regular business hours resume.

The Press Wire is closed on all US holidays and any planned closures will be posted on Additionally, the TPW News Desk will close at 2:00 PM PST, the day before all US holidays and is closed all day on any Sunday before a Monday holiday.

The hours TPW maintains, best suit the optimum times to send out press releases to the adult media, from our Editors’ experience.

Professional Publicists

While The Press Wire streamlines the distribution process for press releases, it does not completely replace the need for a professional to handle your publicity. Links to Publicity Professionals are below.

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The Press Wire News Submission Services

News wire services through The Press Wire

The Press Wire offers services for business owners, performers and professional publicists. Two of the many uses for The Press Wire;

Your company has just introduced an amazing new product that you would like retailers to know about, or you are holding an event that you want to invite the press to cover, however you don’t have a press representative with a contact list that can get your news into the hands of the adult press.

You are a publicity professional that has been looking for a way to streamline the news release process, so that you can spend 100% of your time giving your clients quality publicity; arranging interviews, handling press conferences, packaging review materials and planning events, and the thousands of other services a publicist provides to their clients daily.

The Press Wire offers easy and affordable press release submission to over 100 of the most visited adult news outlets, freelance reporters and newscast services.

How The Press Wire Submission Service Works: Step by Step

1. Write your press release.

2. Go to the “Submit News” page.

3. Insert your press release content in the correlating form fields, and upload your press release in a Document format (i.e.: your headline goes in the “Headline” form field and the day and date you want your release to be sent goes in the “Dateline” field of the form.)

4. When you have filled in the form with all of the required information and uploaded your press release Document, you will then use the “Submit” button to send your press release to The Press Wire Editors’ Desk.

5. Once you have received the message that your form has been sent, please choose the appropriate Payment Link to continue your transaction. You will be directed to a page that requests your payment information.

6. Once you have submitted your payment information for processing, The Press Wire staff will check to make sure your payment has cleared and you will then be notified by email that your press release is being prepared by our Editors for submission to our database of publications, freelance reporters, online news sites and news wire services.

7. Typically, your press releases submitted to The Press Wire during standard TPW News Desk Hours, (see side bar), will go out within 24 hours of your payment clearing through your preferred payment method. However, Press Release Submission orders placed on Friday and Saturday will be processed on Sunday, after 9:00 AM, unless there is a Monday holiday following. Orders placed on holidays, or on a Sunday before a holiday that falls on a Monday, will be held until the TPW News Desk resumes normal operating hours the day after the holiday.

Please remember that if the TPW Editors have contacted you for clarification on your press release, and you have not responded to their inquiries before the 24 hour distribution window has expired, The Press Wire will hold your press release until such time as we can get remaining questions answered. This may mean that your press release will not go out within the standard 24 hour time frame. (Please see TWP FAQS for more information.)

8. You will receive an email confirming that your press release has been distributed by The Press Wire, after it has been sent.

9. Within 48 working hours after your press release is submitted to the media by The Press Wire, you will receive an email containing a sampling of where your press release has placed. Submissions made on Friday or Saturday will receive this report on the following Monday, after submissions have been made to our contacts. Submissions placed during holiday periods may also have reports delayed.

For more information concerning submissions through The Press Wire, please see TPW’s Frequently Asked Questions page (TPW FAQ).

The Press Wire Rate Card

Standard text press release edited,
formatted and submitted with 5 included images*

*Image submission is included in TPW’s distribution services: You may add five .JPG images sized at 600 x 800 in 72 dpi (dots per inch) resolution, and under 1MG in file size each, for FREE! (See Submission Tips for information on images.)

*We suggest that your news copy stay within 600 words for maximum impact. (See Writing Tips for more information on how to create a great press release.)


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