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The Press Wire offers an affordable media contact solution for the adult entertainment industry.

Press Release Distribution through The Press Wire costs$150 per press release.
(Payment via PayPal)

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TPW News Desk Hours

The Press Wire News Desk is open from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM (PST) Sunday through Thursday, except holidays and for scheduled maintenance of the site, as outlined below.

All press releases submitted to The Press Wire for distribution service between PST of 12:01 AM on Friday and 8:59 AM on Sunday, all US holidays and during closures for maintenance, will be held for release until regular business hours resume.

The Press Wire is closed on all US holidays and any planned closures will be posted on Additionally, the TPW News Desk will close at 2:00 PM PST, the day before all US holidays and is closed all day on any Sunday before a Monday holiday.

The hours TPW maintains, best suit the optimum times to send out press releases to the adult media, from our Editors’ experience.

Professional Publicists

While The Press Wire streamlines the distribution process for press releases, it does not completely replace the need for a professional to handle your publicity. Links to Publicity Professionals are below.

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TPW Payments FAQ

What do The Press Wire fees cover?

The TPW Press Release Submission fee includes copy editing of your original press release to find any spelling or grammatical errors and proofing your submission for any conflicting information that your press release may contain. If the TPW Editors’ Desk has a question about any content in your original press release, a TPW Editor will contact you directly for clarification before your news is distributed.

After the initial copy editing is completed, your press release will be placed into the standard submission formatting that is required by adult media editors, and your press release will be directly submitted to the targeted publications and websites among the 100+ contacts in The Press Wire database, that are most likely to have an interest in your story, .

After the initial distribution of your press release through The Press Wire, you will receive email confirmation that your release has been submitted through our wire service, and a follow-up sampling report of where your press release placed via email, usually within the first 48 hours after it was in distribution.

What do I get for the fee if I use The Press Wire’s writing services?

TPW Writing Services offers you one (1) professionally written press release per order, composed from the information you provide to the TPW Editors’ Desk, using the TPW Writing Services form that we provide.

A TPW Editor will take the information that you submit in your PDF form, and write the supporting copy that wraps around the information that you have provided.

Once the press release is composed, it will be laid into The Press Wire’s standard formatting. Your press release will then be directly submitted to the targeted publications and websites that are most likely to have an interest in your story, out of the 100+ contacts in The Press Wire database.

After the initial distribution of your press release through The Press Wire, you will receive email confirmation that your release has been submitted through our wire service, and a separate emailed sampling report of where your press release placed, usually within the first 48 hours after it was in distribution.

What are The Press Wire’s policies concerning payments and refunds?

The Press Wire accepts only credit card payment transactions, and only through the payment submission buttons contained within The Press Wire site. This method is fast, convenient and secure, so that you have the ability to submit your news to The Press Wire any time of the day, any day of the week, even if it is outside of the hours The Press Wire staff is on active duty.

Someone asked me for my credit card saying it was The Press Wire, but I already got an email form The Press Wire saying you got my payment – what do I do?

If you are ever contacted through email, by phone or in any other way requesting your credit card information for any alleged TPW services, please do not give the person/entity contacting you your personal payment information or credit card number and contact The Press Wire immediately, by sending an email to, or phoning (818)992-8312, so we can notify our payment processing company and our legal staff of the situation. The only time The Press Wire will contact you concerning payments is;

1. If Pay Pal reports to TPW there is a problem processing your payment, you will be notified through an email from,

2. Or if TPW Editors decline to run your press release for any of the reasons mentioned below or on our Legal Disclaimers page, and TPW is offering you a refund of your payment.

Will you refund my fee if my payment doesn’t clear the processing company?

No. If The Press Wire Editors’ Desk is unable to submit your press release due to payment processing errors, you will be notified that your chosen payment method has not been approved, and that your press release has not been submitted. There will be no refunds for this type of “error”, as The Press Wire never received payment for your submission.

Will I get a refund if The Press Wire does not submit my press release within 24 hours, for some reason?

Yes — If TPW declines to distribute your press release due to content OR if you have been notified that your payment has been approved by The Press Wire’s payment processor and your press release is not submitted due to fault on the part of The Press Wire, you will be notified by email that TPW is not able to submit your press release, and you will be refunded the entirety of your payment.

However, this would be the case only if technical difficulties such as The Press Wire’s computer network faced a complete outage or The Press Wire Editors’ Desk had a legal question concerning the validity or intent of your press release, and the TPW Editors’ decide against submitting your news to the media. (See TOS & Legal for relevant disclaimers.)

Additionally, The Press Wire assumes no responsibility for delays in processing by Pay Pal, or due to Internet connection issues for either TPW’s email servers, browsers, Internet connections or for delays due to failure of relay systems on the client’s end of submission, including their own email servers, browsers or Internet connections. Sometimes there are weather conditions, or power outages that affect how quickly and reliably Internet systems work and these situations are beyond the control of The Press Wire or the client.

Please Note: TPW will not distribute press releases concerning escorting or any potentially illegal activity, or sale of potentially illegal products or services.

My payment cleared, but my press release didn’t go out in the time frame you said, what’s up?

While The Press Wire staff does our best to get your press releases out as fast as possible, TPW reserves the right to waive the standard time frames detailed for submissions when;

A. You submitted a wire order to The Press Wire News Desk after 12:01 AM PST on Friday, or at any time on Saturday. TPW does not issue wire sends on days that we know the press is not available to accept press releases immediately, so your news gets optimum coverage.

B. Your wire submission was sent to The Press Wire on a generally recognized and honored legal holiday in the US. This also applies to press releases submitted on the eve of a holiday, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Year’s Day, and the Sunday before a holiday that falls on a Monday. If a holiday is approaching, The Press Wire will post notice on of holiday hours to avoid confusion in submission and distribution time frames. Be aware The Press Wire closes between December 23 and January 2 annually, sometimes longer, if January 2 is right before a weekend.

C. The Press Wire Editors’ Desk has questions concerning your Press Release Submission/Writing Services Order, and are trying to contact you to supply additional information so TPW News Desk may proceed with processing your order. Please make sure that your contact information provided when you place your initial order is correct, and check for communications from The Press Wire Editors’ Desk until you have received Send Confirmation for your press release.

In any of the above cases, a refund of your payment will not be made. The Press Wire’s terms regarding submission times, TPW operating hours and TPW’s practices regarding confirmation and validation of information are clearly stated in multiple places across The Press Wire site, to address these circumstances.

Do I get a refund if my press release isn’t picked up by the press?

The Press Wire will not provide refunds if your press release is not picked up by the news media. The Press Wire provides no implicit or implied guarantee that your accepted and approved press release will be run by any adult news source, website or independent journalist, beyond The Press Wire News Blogs, RSS feeds and Twitter broadcast. It is entirely upon the media to decide what stories are of importance and meaning to their audience, and which they will carry or not. (See TOS & Legal for disclaimers.)

I have questions that are not answered here and need customer service – who can I talk to?

Everyone at The Press Wire is concerned that you receive the best possible service we can provide. If you have any questions, comments or need help with your press release submissions, payments or anything else, please contact The Press Wire by phone at (818) 992-8312, or by email to

Any User of The Press Wire services (including both Writing Services or Submission Services) that declines payment to The Press Wire, before or after TPW services are rendered (cancellations or chargebacks), will be placed on a “Do Not Accept Submissions” list and denied use of The Press Wire services in any form, in perpetuity. These types of payment refusals constitute fraud against The Press Wire for services rendered and will be legally prosecuted by The Press Wire to the full extent of the law. (See TOS & Legal for disclaimers.)

Your credit card statement will show payment for your TPW order under the listed company name of Black and Blue Media. This is accurate, and the transaction is legitimate. Black and Blue Media is a partner and affiliate of The Press Wire.