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The Press Wire offers an affordable media contact solution for the adult entertainment industry.

Press Release Distribution through The Press Wire costs$150 per press release.
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TPW News Desk Hours

The Press Wire News Desk is open from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM (PST) Sunday through Thursday, except holidays and for scheduled maintenance of the site, as outlined below.

All press releases submitted to The Press Wire for distribution service between PST of 12:01 AM on Friday and 8:59 AM on Sunday, all US holidays and during closures for maintenance, will be held for release until regular business hours resume.

The Press Wire is closed on all US holidays and any planned closures will be posted on Additionally, the TPW News Desk will close at 2:00 PM PST, the day before all US holidays and is closed all day on any Sunday before a Monday holiday.

The hours TPW maintains, best suit the optimum times to send out press releases to the adult media, from our Editors’ experience.

Professional Publicists

While The Press Wire streamlines the distribution process for press releases, it does not completely replace the need for a professional to handle your publicity. Links to Publicity Professionals are below.

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TPW Wire Submission Services FAQ

Please Note: TPW will not distribute press releases concerning adult personal ads, escorting or any potentially illegal activity, or containing information on the sale of potentially illegal products or services.

Why would I use The Press Wire to send out my press release?

By utilizing our extensive contact database The Press Wire ensures that your information is cost effectively and efficiently delivered to the adult news media directly. TPW targets editors for industry publications, web sites, news outlets and newscasts, as well as freelance journalists that cover the adult industry. The Press Wire database is thoroughly researched, so your press releases reach the people that can do something with your news, and isn’t padded with the contact information of other publicists, marketers and sales people.

Do I have to be a publicist to use The Press Wire?

No. It is our intent to provide both Business Owners and Publicity Professionals with the ability to use our contact database to reach the media. The Press Wire is the first and only professional news distribution service of its kind for the adult industry, and we base our distribution style and formatting on precisely the way that our media contacts prefer to receive your message through a press release. For Business Owners, this allows you to access the adult media, even if you do not have a press contact list of your own. For Publicity Professionals, it gives you the chance to spend more time on following up with the press, so your clients get the maximum coverage for their news while saving you valuable time.

Can The Press Wire help my online visibility?

Yes. News releases distributed by The Press Wire are presented to dozens of adult oriented online news sites and to multiple newscasters. Additionally, your press release is coded with keyword tags and social bookmarking tools within The Press Wire site. Press releases are an extremely powerful tool for adult businesses and performers, because it gets your news in front of a potential audience of 100s of thousands of people, including the eyes of consumers.

How do I know my press release was submitted to the press by The Press Wire?

After your news release has been distributed you will receive a free report via email linking you to your actual release as it appears on a sampling of web sites. The average report will contain somewhere between 3 and 5 links and usually will be emailed to you within 24 hours after your release has been distributed. This report shows only a few of the web sites that received and carried your news immediately following The Press Wire’s initial distribution. As time goes on, more industry insiders and consumers will pick up your news from the various journalists, websites and publications The Press Wire submits your press release to.

Does The Press Wire guarantee that the media will pick up my press release?

While The Press Wire does our best to get your press release directly into the hands of editors for adult industry news sites, consumer sites and reporters, we can not guarantee that it will run on any (or every) website and publication The Press Wire submits it to. Unlike advertising, where you are purchasing guaranteed coverage in a publication or site, with public relations it is up to the media to determine whether or not they will run your story.

Some news carries more weight than other news, and the editors The Press Wire submits your press release to, will choose what news they believe is most interesting or important to their readers. Sometimes having great artwork will convince an editor to carry your news over other stories. However there is no way to determine the probability of any story being carried on one or two attributes alone.

Additionally, if your press release is only of interest to a specific segment of the adult industry (such as a new affiliate program launch), then only a few adult media outlets will choose to run your news.

The important thing to remember is coverage, or “pick-up”, in a publication or on a news web site will typically carry more weight with your target audience than an advertisement because it is considered unbiased third-party information. In most cases distributing a news release is far less expensive than purchasing ad space.

Is there a reason why The Press Wire wouldn’t carry my press release?

The Press Wire reserves the right to reject copy whenever necessary in its sole judgment. The Press Wire reserves the right to not distribute a press release due to concerns about accuracy, legitimacy or potential legal ramifications to the submitter or The Press Wire. The Press Wire Editors’ Desk will not distribute a press release if TPW staff has any question concerning the validity or intent of your press release. This also means that a press release TPW Editors reject for distribution through our wire service will not run on any TPW News Blogs, TPW Twitter or TPW RSS feeds.

The Press Wire will not distribute any press release that defames or otherwise could constitute personal injury to any third party person, company or entity. Again, this type of press release will also not be carried on TPW News Blogs, TPW Twitter or TPW RSS feeds.

I am starting a joint venture with another company. What does The Press Wire need to know, so that you will distribute my press release?

The Press Wire requires both sides of any “co-venture”, “joint venture” or “partnership” news release to supply contacts representing both parties/entities involved, before The Press Wire will distribute your press release in these situations. Not only does it ensure that the information is validated by TPW standards, but it will also be of interest to the editors that The Press Wire distributes your press release to.

You can supply the other party’s contact information in either the contact information area of your press release (a co-issued press release), or in the “meta” data area of the press release, where you designate who should be contacted for interviews. If any other questions arise, TPW Editors may contact you directly for additional information. Please be aware that this will cause your press release distribution to be held, until the questions have been satisfactorily answered.

Additionally, The Press Wire strongly suggests that both parties involved in these types of transactions and business deals to independently submit press releases with the information about the business event.

My payment cleared, but my press release didn’t go out within 24 hours as you said it would, what happened?

While The Press Wire staff does our best to get your press releases out as fast as possible, TPW reserves the right to waive the standard time frames detailed for submissions when;

A. You submit a wire order to The Press Wire News Desk after 12:01 AM US Pacific Coast Time on Friday, or at any time on Saturday. TPW does not issue wire sends on days that we know the press is not available to accept press releases immediately, so your news gets optimum coverage.

B. Your wire submission is sent to The Press Wire on a generally recognized and honored legal holiday in the US. This also applies to press releases submitted on the eve of a holiday, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Year’s Day, and the Sunday before a holiday that falls on a Monday. If a holiday is approaching, The Press Wire will post notice on of our holiday hours to avoid confusion in submission and distribution time frames.

C. The Press Wire Editors’ Desk has questions concerning your Press Release Submission/Writing Services Order, and is trying to contact you to supply additional information so TPW News Desk may proceed with processing your order. Please make sure that your contact information provided when you place your initial order is correct, and check for communications from The Press Wire Editors’ Desk until you have received Send Confirmation for your press release.

There is also the possibility that the TPW Editors have decided not to run your press release, and if that is the case, you will have received a notification by email explaining that your press release was rejected, and information on the refund of your payment.

I have questions that are not answered here and need customer service – who can I talk to?

Everyone at The Press Wire is concerned that you receive the best possible service we can provide. If you have any questions, comments or need help with your press release submissions, payments or anything else, please contact The Press Wire during our regular business hours by phone at (818) 992-8312, or by email to